7 Dimensions of Human Happiness

What are the 7 Dimensions of Wellness?


Human health is a combination of many factors and habits that bring vitality and energy to us in body mind and spirit. Yet our best efforts to be physically fit and healthy can have little or no impact when we meet with life’s challenges. Human challenges drain energy from our bodies such as a toxic relationship or loss of employment or a lack of opportunity to reach our highest potential. We begin to realize that human happiness involves more than our health, our eating habits or our exercise regimen. It also involves those around us showing us compassion. We need the help of our communities to reach the goals that will make us happy. Yet even when we reach all of our goals and have a strong family and good health, often we don’t feel the kind of fulfillment that we hoped we would. Many of our greatest leaders report that they still don’t feel the sense of happiness they imagined when they finally reached their highest goal. There are still more dimensions of human happiness that we haven’t yet tapped.

Many already know that there exists an unseen realm of spirituality. Spiritual understanding can have a profound impact on our happiness. Practicing meditation and calming our reactions to the daily challenges we face will bring us peace and prevent us from making a bad situation worse. Tuning into the One Infinite Creator and the wisdom of the ages will turn every catastrophe into an opportunity for growth and maturity. Yet millions have realized this level of understanding but still feel a missing piece in the depths of their soul somewhere.

It’s like… human happiness isn’t possible. It’s like… something is missing. Is life supposed to be one long test of endurance? Is life supposed to be unfulfilling no matter how much effort we put out to do everything perfect? When we let go of perfectionism and allow the mess to settle around us for a minute, we might gain insight into the next level of human happiness.

7 Dimensions of Human Happiness is a book and a course about a vision that was downloaded into my heart and mind while I was taking a bath. I was in the depths of despair crying out to God for answers and the answers came! I was completely overwhelmed by the vision as it came with the obligation to share it with the world, but I had no idea how to explain it! The download was enormous and complicated. It took me more than 10 years to fully understand the vision enough to write it all down and finally simplify it into the 7 Dimensions of Human Happiness. The book is an autobiography of my life and what led up to the download along with an overview of the vision. The course goes straight to learning the seven dimensions and implementing them in your own life.

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